Our engine is a 60hp Volvo Penta MD22A. It turns out Volvo merely bought them off Perkins and that it’s exactly the same as a Perkins Prima M60. Technically, Perkins sold them to Sabre who then marinised them, Sabre then sold them to Volvo, but let’s move on. Slightly less glamorously, the same engine was used in Austin Montegos - this means there’s a Haynes manual for the engine, very useful indeed.

Key to all this is that it’s much cheaper to buy Perkins parts than Volvo. For example, we just replaced the exhaust elbow, Volvo price? €500. Perkins price? €130! Volvo buy the parts off Perkins, spray them green, and quadruple the price. Stinks huh?!

A couple of links here to help other MD22 owners buy the parts a lot cheaper. I’ve also put the owners manual and the workshop manual, these took us hours trawling through forums etc to find so hopefully of some use to others :-)

Volvo MD22 Workshop Manual.pdf

Volvo MD22A Workshop Manual

Volvo MD22 User Manual.pdf

Volvo MD22A Owners Manual

Volvo MD22 Wiring Diagrams.pdf

Volvo MD22A Wiring Diagrams

Welland Power

Very helpful UK supplier of Perkins parts. Figured out the right part numbers for us and got the bits to Spain with no trouble.

DB Marine

Excellent exploded diagrams of the engine with a zoom function. Very helpful for putting her back together once she's in bits on the galley floor! Much better prices than Marine Parts Europe.

Marine Parts Europe

Same exploded diagrams. Quick delivery but more expensive (c. 25%) than DB Marine.

A.S.A.P. Supplies

UK based, all sorts of engine parts and very knowledgable staff. They shipped what we needed to Spain at a good price and quicker than you could say "the man from Fedex is on the quay side!"

Key Part

Not used, but reputed by the chaps in the boatyard to be very good for parts.

TA Diesels

U.S. based firm. Not purchased from but they helpfully list all the Perkins part numbers (so you can cross-reference against those bloody expensive Volvo parts!).

Volvo Penta MD22 Engine / Perkins Prima M60